Mike F.  LAPD –  “I purchased several cards for my family members.   A few weeks later, my sister was pulled over and provided her drivers license and LEO ProCard to a CHP Officer who gave her a warning!”   Great Concept!!

John L.  Miami PD – “Love the idea.  Bought one for my wife and mother.”

Doug M.  HBPD Fla –  Custom Card Order: “I Just received the cards the other day and they look great! The colors came out great and the images are very clear.  I’m very pleased with the product.  I think my family will like them to.  As I had mentioned in previous emails, I’d like to make this an annual thing.  It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and look forward to working with you again in the future.  I’ll certainly pass the information along to my collegues and see if they would be interested in purchasing your product.”

Jeff P.  Detroit PD – “Another way to display Camaraderie!

Joe F.  Cincinnati PD, OH – “The cards are AWESOME!!  I purchased a bunch for my family members and guys at work.  We will definitely buy them every year!”