Protecting Our Own

If you’ve been watching the news over the past several months – you already know that the general negative sentiment toward law enforcement officers isn’t only happening where you and your loved ones live – it’s everywhere. And with our nations leaders seemingly siding with those who don’t stand “with” us – it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need to protect our own – ourselves.

LEO Pro Cards and Decals are a great way of doing this by showing law enforcement officers exactly who “our own” are – without even getting out of our vehicle while patrolling. When we’re surrounded by people who treat us like this:

…for simply doing our job – which is serving and protecting these very same people – it’s no wonder there’s an “us vs them” mentality among us.

It is my intention that professional courtesy (which generally refers to an understanding that exists between law enforcement officers and certain individuals with whom they may come in contact with in the course of their duties, especially family members or others working in their field) be given to those who truly support us and our day to day challenges and responsibilities – “our own”…

Please take a moment to visit my site and support this endeavor by ordering cards or decals for those people you care about most.

Thank you for your consideration! And have a wonderful and safe day ahead…