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LEO ProCards – Law Enforcement Professional Courtesy Cards are sold ONLY to members affiliated within the Law Enforcement Industry (Federal, State, Municipal, Corrections, Retiree’s, ect). 

LEO ProCards are plastic, credit-card sized “Professional Courtesy Cards” intended for the sole use of the officer’s immediate family member or relative.  The purpose of the Law Enforcement Professional Courtesy Card is to provide just that, “Professional Courtesy” during a Minor Traffic Infraction.  LEO ProCards can be used in conjunction with mini-badges, PBA or FOP license plate decals or even business cards.

LEO ProDecals (Thin Blue Line Window Decals) are 1 1/2″ H x 3″ L.  The self adhesive 3M Premium Quality Vinyl decals are resistant to the elements and UV fading.  Place your decal on your rear window, bumper, or license plate to identify yourself to other LEO’s.

* It is imperative that the cardholder of a Law Enforcement Professional Courtesy Card or Decal understands these products are a privilege and ALL decisions made by the Law Enforcement Officer are at their discretion!

Be Safe….


LEO ProCards is owned and operated by a US Veteran and Retired LEO.